Recent production library music placements include: 

The One Show (BBC), Pawn Stars (History Channel), Counting Cars (History Channel), My Pet And Me (Cbeebies), Great Bear Stakeout (BBC), America’s Most Badass (American Heroes Channel/Discovery), Insane Coaster Wars (Travel Channel), Outback Truckers (Discovery/Quest), Business Boomers (BBC), Empire (BBC), Dan Cruickshank: Resurrecting History: Warsaw (BBC), Art Of Scandinavia (BBC), Shakespeare in Italy (BBC), The Art of Gothic: Britain’s Midnight Hour (BBC), Jimmy Johnstone (BBC ALBA), The People’s Portrait (BBC), Gods and Monsters: Homer’s Odyssey (BBC), The Normans (BBC), Treasures of the Anglo Saxons (BBC) 

Commissioned Music: 

Britain and the Sea (episodes 1 & 2) – (4 part series presented by David Dimbleby) – BBC1 

The Manor Reborn - (4 part series presented by Penelope Keith & Paul Martin) - BBC1 

The Queens Palaces (Buckingam & Holyrood episodes) - (3 part series presented by Fiona Bruce) - BBC1 

Seven Ages of Britain - (7 part series presented by David Dimbleby) - BBC1 

The Real Cities, Series 3 - (Beirut, Hong Kong, Rio de Janeiro, Rome, Washington) - BBC World News 

The Victorians - (4 part series presented by Jeremy Paxman) - BBC 1 

Exploring Malaysia - (3 part series presented by Joanna Bessey) - BBC World News 

The Real Cities, Series 2 - (Cairo, Hanoi, Milan, San Francisco, Stockholm) - BBC World News 

Francesco's Mediterranean Voyage - (12 part presented by Francesco da Mosta) - BBC 2 

The Real Cities, Series 1 - (London, Tokyo, Paris, Sydney, New York) - BBC World News 

Paris - (music for Episodes 1 & 3) - BBC2 

Equator - (music for Indonesia episode) - BBC2 

A Tudor Feast at Christmas - Lion TV production for BBC2 

Machines of War (“Inventions of War” outside USA) - 3 part Windfall Films documentary series for Channel Five and National Geographic (music and sound design) 

A way of life: Making Quadrophenia & On location with Franc Roddam - underscores in the style of The Who for these documentaries which feature as DVD extras on Universal's recent re-release of Quadrophenia 

The Impressionists - 3 part BBC drama series (sound design only) 

7/7: the day the bombs came – BBC 1 

Channel Branding/Idents (sound design) - Playboy One 

Forgotten Voices - Lion TV documentary for The History Channel 

Cold War; Dirty Science - Windfall Films documentary for BBC 3 

Many promo's for the Sci-Fi channel: "Only Ghouls & Corpses" Christmas Highlights 2006, Star Trek 40th Anniversary, AWE reel, Autumn Rundown (Q4), “Twisted” Christmas Highlights 2005, City of Villains (ad for the computer game), Stab Attack, Odyssey 5 promo, Witches of the Caribbean promo